We believe reason should be the leading light that guides our decisions


Reason and progress are achieved through the scientific method


Our enlightenment is accomplished by inspiring young scientists

Our Mission

Science has granted us the gifts of life, health, wealth, knowledge, and freedom. We have come a long way since we have developed the scientific method, and the philosophy of science is - by its very ideals - still evolving. Scientific thinking has been improving our quality of life in an exponential manner. Yet, the very ideals which brought us happiness are under threat of a recent surge of disinformation, denial and tribalism. We believe that the inexorable march of scientific reasoning, in all its forms, will prevail these trends, but we need to preserve the progress we have achieved and look forward to restoring faith in experts. Scio is a non-for-profit organization which, with these values at its core, aims to inform and inspire all forms of science directed at augmenting human knowledge. We are planning to contribute towards this goal by bridging the gap between experts and the general public, with special attention to younger minds, in the hope of spurring them to embark on a scientific career.

Events & Projects

We plan to achieve our mission with various projects. Our short term goal is to empower experts by providing them with a platform on which they can engage with the general public and in outreach projects. This could be whether they want to talk about their own research, or their motivations on why they embarked onto a career path involving science, or simply how they got to work on their current interests. We also want to empower the general public by providing them with free and quick access to knowledge in a friendly environment. We are currently planning a series of events for schools in which students can ask academic researchers any question in a format more akin to a conversation, informal and engaging. We are also planning to make this experience more seamless by creating a platform on which experts and the general public can continuously engage in an informal setting and "bridge the gap" by giving easy access to knowledge to anyone.

You can re-watch our past online events here: Past Events

Get Involved

We are continuously looking for volunteers with various levels of involvement:

  • Speakers if you come from either academia or industry and would like to speak about your experience and/or research to children or adults, we have plenty of ideas and opportunities to make this happen
  • Organizers: let us know if you want to organize a Scio event
  • Developers: we are planning to build a platform to make it easier for the general public to speak to and get an opinion of an expert on any topic. This could be a paid opportunity

Get in touch via any of our social media channels below if you want to help out in any way.

The Founders

Xin Ran Liu

Professional hunter of the invisible, building large detectors to catch Dark Matter particles in mines.

Giulio Pepe

A physicist, now working outside of academia. Statistical learning and sustainability enthusiast.

Tom Webb

Tom always wanted to be a scientist, but got distracted and is now a journalist.

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